• Gideon Tan

    PARTNERGideon Tan


    Gideon gradually built GTRZ into a prominent litigation practice, guiding GTRZ to becoming one of the largest law firms in the state of Selangor.

  • Tan Hock Soon

    PARTNERTan Hock Soon


    Mr Tan is also one of the most good-humoured lawyers around, able to quickly put clients and colleagues at ease.

  • Ma Pin Yen

    PARTNERMa Pin Yen


    With her cheerful and calm poise, Pin Yen effortlessly puts others at ease. Her innate tact also makes her superb at negotiating agreements for multiple parties.

  • Kooi Tock Ken

    PARTNERKooi Tock Ken


    Tock Ken is also a whiz on advising clients about legal issues related to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), property transfers and intellectual property protection.

  • Brian Ernest Cumming

    PARTNERBrian Ernest Cumming


    The changing, unpredictable nature of litigation keeps Brian passionate about law.

  • Alfred Lai Choong Wui

    PARTNERAlfred Lai Choong Wui


    Alfred is the kind of person who will make it his responsibility to get you out of your roughest disputes.

  • Cynthia Lee May Sum

    PARTNERCynthia Lee May Sum


    With her methodical and hands-on, yet adaptable, approach to work, Cynthia is also a brilliant coordinator between clients and other legal professionals for law-related issues.

  • Irene Wong

    PARTNERIrene Wong


    Irene is as well-versed with handling the tricky legal and technical aspects as with the delicate art of managing shareholders and company directors.

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