• Ashvinpal Kaur

    ASSOCIATEAshvinpal Kaur


    Ashvinpal has an enormous amount of patience when it comes to explaining the situation to worried clients, and the empathy to understand their most pressing concerns.

  • Lee Yun Zhi

    ASSOCIATELee Yun Zhi


    Yun Zhi's warm, direct way of speaking and writing makes it easy to communicate with her, while her quiet thoroughness will ensure you get prompt responses and clear advice for every step of the transaction process.

  • Ee Yen Chin

    ASSOCIATEEe Yen Chin


    Not one to pass up high pressure situations, the fast-talking Yen Chin then dived into civil litigation and employment law when he was doing his pupillage at GTRZ.

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